An interactive map incarnating digital memories inside the physical world.

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Verba volant, scripta manent

We have a lot of memories in our smartphones, some of them are really special but it is not that easy to diferenciate them from the perpetual flow of pictures that we receive. I wanted to make them tangible, to inscribe them into the physical world.

For a month I worked on an interactive paper map that represented the Patagonian bike trip we made with my dad and brother in law. I wanted a beautifull object that would recall this amazing trip and I wanted it to take advantage of the many pictures we took there. So I chose a way for the paper to be interactive. Whenever pass your finger along a portion of the trip, the map will send you pictures of the corresponding day to your Android phone as the wallpaper.


detail_1.png phone_2.png

detail_2.png phone_1.png

Many tools and techniques were involved, among them some that I never put my hand at. Design, electronic and programming, the perfect triangle. Adding laser to that and it was quite perfect.

qgis.JPG proto.JPG ex_laser.JPG

As it goes for all project there were multiple path to chose, changes of directions, but in the end it was made. The map is now on the wall at my father's house, and I have the pleasure almost everyday to see my phone wallpaper being changed.


There were 3 main work directions : - The map design : Making the file, laser cutting paper [qgis | laser cut] - The capacitive touch : chosing a chip, soldering it, wire it to a raspberry pi, programming in pyhton, putting the electrodes on paper [doc reading | soldering | raspberry pi | python | electrodes] - The android app [android programming | firebase | Raspberry Pi]