Shia LaBeouf in your browser

It started as a sub-sub project.
It was just a joke.
But I ended up spending 3 weeks on it.
And now it's alive.

You can now have Shia LaBeouf performing his motivation speech on your browser every time you visit For this you have to install the Firefox extension or the Chrome extension I made.

Of course some of you might be interested to have a look under the curtain, technicaly speaking it was way more easy than I thought to devellop a web browser extension have a look at the tutorial. There was also a fair amount of work to create a web-compatible video with transparency where the greenscreen, I made that with Python informations are here.

I also did some research on the original video history. Check it if you want to learn a bit about this meme origin and if you are somehow attracted by the weird beauty of almost uncharted parts of the internet. And last but not least, still about the magic of the internet, learn how I was in fact 4 years late on that idea, and how I discovered after two weeks of work that it aready existed.